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Our mission

Low lands by the sea are heading for an uncertain future. Many peatlands close to the sea are drained for intensive livestock farming. These peatlands emit vast amounts of CO2. Climate change causes an increasing sea level rising. At the same time a subcidence of approximately one centimeter a year occurs, this makes for a higher relative sea level rising. Livestock companies and construction companies are emitting half of the CO2 emissions. When we do not change our land use, sooner or later these lowlands will drown.

Our mission is to improve land use by making it more sustainable and climate smart, with the greater goal to completely stop the subcidence.

In areas where cattail is being cultivated a lot of benficial processes occur. First of all, if catnip is cultivated near big cities, it is likely that these cities will be more heat stress resistent. Secondly, cultivation areas of cattail can play an important role in water storage after periods of heavy rain or in times of water shortage. Furthermore, the cultivation of cattail leads to a greater biodiversity in the area. Finally, cultivation areas of cattail also clean the surface water.

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